What types of restoration services do you offer?



We offer four types. These include:



Concours: The highest level of restoration. The car is restored to its original, complete

and pristine condition. Vehicles at this level are usually show only and rarely driven.



Show: At the show level, the vehicle is professionally restored and has no major flaws. These restorations are mostly

or all original or can be one-off, custom masterpieces. These are a labor of love and usually trailered to shows.



Street/Show: Most vehicles fall into this category. They may show some slight wear and imperfections,

but they are highly presentable and enjoyed on weekends.



Driver: A less expensive and less time-consuming restoration than the previous three categories. This level restores the

vehicle to the point where it is close in original appearance with a personal, custom touch and is suitable for daily driving.





What is a Rotisserie Restoration?


A rotisserie restoration is a total disassembly of the car, where the body is taken off the frame.

The body is then placed on a rotisserie, which can be turned to show any space on the car. From there it

can be sandblasted to bare metal, have any work completed, primed, painted and reassembled the same

way the factory did it.




Pricing a car restoration?


There are many variables when it comes to the cost of a restoration depending on how much you

want done and what type of restoration you desire. All restorations are charged on an hourly basis

with a restoration contract that spells out the work to be completed and our billing procedures.




How long will a car restoration take?


Completion times vary depending on the condition of the car, type of restoration desired and

availability of parts. A relatively accurate estimate can be given upon visual inspection.





What is our experience with classic car restorations?


With close to 100 years of experience in restoration work, knowledge of classic automobiles

and muscle cars, no job is too big or too small. Check out our Gallery, Facebook, and Youtube

pages to see completed work.

Can you get information and parts needed for my restoration?


We have an extensive list of trusted sources and available resources for parts and information to

see your project to completion. Graveyard Classics does not mark up for parts; you pay true cost.

However, a fee will be charged for sourcing parts.




Do you offer free estimates?


We do charge for estimates; however, the fee will be deducted from any work done by

Graveyard Classics.




Should you choose a restomod or a restoration for your vehicle?


Although at first it may be difficult to tell the difference between the two, we'll help explain.

If you're looking to bring back that classic car to its original "new" condition, including all or mostly

original parts, you're referring to Restoration. This includes repair of the exterior parts, mechanical work

and interior work. The end result is a decades-old car as fresh as the first time is drove off of the lot.



For those who love the classic car look, but are more accustomed to the luxuries of modern

technology, a Restomod is a great fit. Imagine the frame of an older vehicle with modern

advancements such as high performance parts, upgraded stereo systems and air conditioning.

Update the suspenion and get old school muscle with a smoother ride. 



Now that you're an expert, go out and find what suits you best, a full Restoration or a Restomod.