Total Classic Automotive Restoration with Graveyard Classics

Here at we are professionals in any kind of auto restoration. Easy to find in Hollywood, FL, Graveyard knows how to bring your classic autos back from the dead! Want to drive your classic car in an auto show or even the Barrett Jackson block? Graveyard Classics have established the best classic automotive restoration team to help you collect ribbons and get top dollar. Send us the make, type, and year, and we will share with you the specifics on our engine, body, and interior restoration or customization costs.

Our classic automotive restoration shop will start off the reconditioning project with a investigation and classification of your classic car paint, frame, interior and mechanical components. We search for a total history of the car. Pictures are shot and then a general consultation of the work needed to recondition the automobile is created. The whole process is completed promptly and totally. We love the style and passion in reconditioning your classic automobile and we ensure that you and your classic automotive restoration gets our complete attentiveness through every point of the project

We’d like to incorporate your car to our excellent collection of classic automotive restoration jobs.

Visit our Restorations to view the classic muscle cars and trucks that we resurrected from the dead!