Invest in Auto Frame Restoration from Graveyard Classics

You see, at Graveyard Classics the staff are pros in ground-up car and truck restoration. Easy to find in Hollywood, FL, let us show you how to bring your classic automobiles back to life. Decide to park your classic car in a car show or even the Barrett Jackson lane? Graveyard Classics have established the right auto frame restoration knowledge and experience to help you collect awards or get the most return. Email us the manufacturer, model, and age, and we will start to share with you the details on our engine work, exterior, and upolstery restoration or repair prices.

The Graveyard auto frame restoration team will launch the reconditioning process with a survey and classification of your antique car body, framework, interior and engine categories. We like to search for a full history of the car. Photos are taken and then a preliminary consultation of work necessary to restore the vehicle is done. The entire process is done efficiently and totally. We thrive on the style and passion in refinishing your classic muscle car and we assure that this auto frame restoration gets our total attention through any point of the job

We’d be pleased to tack on your ride to our gallery of auto frame restoration jobs.

Look at our Restorations to get a glimpse of the antique cars that we fully restored!