Get Car Reconditioning at Graveyard Classics

You see, at Graveyard Classics the staff are well versed in ground-up car show-quality restoration. Convenient to locate in Hollywood, FL, we know exactly how to bring your antique cars back from the dead! Would you love to park your classic car in a car show or auction block? Graveyard Classics have established the right car reconditioning know how to help you win trophies or get the most money. Tell us the make, type, and year, and we will start to share with you the specifics on our power train, exterior, and interior restoration prices.

The Graveyard car reconditioning team will start off the restoration or repair job with a survey and audit of your old car paint, frame, interior and mechanical components. We’ll ask for a full background of the car. Photos are taken and a general estimate of work needed to restore the vehicle is put together. The entire project is handled promptly and professionally. We thrive on the creativity and enthusiasm in reconditioning your antique car and we assure that your car reconditioning gets our undivided attentiveness over every point of the project

We’d like to tack on your Graveyard Classic to our excellent list of car reconditioning clients.

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