Get Antique Car Restoration with Graveyard Classics

You see, at our team are professionals in ground-up auto restoration. Simple to locate in Hollywood, FL, let us show you how to bring your classic muscle cars and trucks back from the grave! Want to put your classic car in a car show or maybe auction block? We have accumulated the best antique car restoration know how to help you collect ribbons and get top dollar. Email us the make, type, and age, and we will start to share with you the details on our engine work, paint, and upolstery restoration or customization costs.

Our antique car restoration staff will launch the restoration project with a survey and analysis of your classic muscle car body, frame, interior and engine components. We’ll search for a complete biography of the car. Pictures are taken and then an overall estimate of work required to recondition the auto is put together. The whole project is done promptly and totally. We bring the energy and passion in refinishing your old car or truck and we assure that this antique car restoration gets our undivided attentiveness over any part of the job

We would love to add your ride to our budding gallery of antique car restoration clients.

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