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Let us help you get your classic out of the barn, out from under the tarps, roll them away from the garage...


A Little About Graveyard Classics

Being a lifelong classic car and vintage truck enthusiast, Graveyard Classics came about after continued disappointment with multiple restoration & auto body shops in South Florida. They could not start or complete a restoration project on an agreed upon timeline, offered little or no communication, and charged exorbitant pricing with huge upfront deposits and no sense of pride to get the restoration done.

There are just too many classic vehicles “sitting” in different stages of disassembly, untouched in years: we believe that this is unacceptable.

Our philosophy is very basic:

1. Do your Classic Car or Vintage Truck Restoration Correctly

2. Have the Restoration Progress in a Timely Manner

3. Provide Reasonable Pricing

4. Provide great Communication before, during, and after your Restoration

Graveyard Classics
921 North 21st Avenue(Dixie/Johnson)
Hollywood, FL 33020